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Julia Chiappetta Moderator

Julia Chiappetta is a 19-year cancer survivor and thriver who embodies an integrative approach to healing cancer and staying cancer-free. She has been interviewed on Fox News, NBC, CBS, and numerous other stations, and by over 50 publications, including Vogue, Shape, Self, Natural Health, and Breast Cancer Magazine to share her experience with natural protocols and how she applied them to overhaul her life, her home and her environment.

She sits on many boards, including: The Annie Appleseed Project, Best Answer for Cancer, The Pink Fund and The Board of Health, Town of Greenwich, CT. Julia the Conqueror; her YouTube series, has her positive testimony to encourage others. Each morning, Julia goes to the “Office of Health & Wellness” where she is the CEO over her body, making and implementing the daily healing regimen she published in Breast Cancer–the notebook (Gemini Media 2005).

She continues to seek optimum health through research, a mostly organic, raw diet, cross-training, running and with prayer as her fuel. Julia writes a Health & Wellness Column for The Greenwich Sentinel Newspaper.

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Ann Fonfa

Ann Fonfa was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer in January 1993.  Since she was suffering from extreme Multiple Chemical Sensitivity at that time, she opted out of using chemotherapy, and then no radiation or hormonal treatments.  What to do?  Ann made many choices that kept her growing healthier even through many local recurrences.  She was told she had stage IV disease in 1997, eventually using TCM in an MRI-proven approach to the disease.


Ann believes there are many paths to wellness.

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Elisa Gorman

Elisa Gorman never thought she would hear the words, “Stage Two Triple Negative Breast Cancer & Brac 1 Positive.” Like most people that hear the word “cancer,” she was also in shock. In many ways, her life leading up to that moment prepared her for what was to follow. Most of Elisa’s family have experienced cancer first hand, losing both grandparents and watching her Mother’s constant battle with breast and ovarian cancer, Elisa is no stranger to the effects of treatments and standard care of the disease. 


She has been truly humbled by her diagnosis and by the outpouring of love and support that followed that inspired an overwhelming amount of gratitude, awareness and awakening. 


Sharing her personal journey on her blog My Conscious Healing has helped her while inspiring others to make life-changing decisions based on conscious choice, rather than reactions driven by fear. Addressing her cancer through a non-traditional route, Elisa finds her way through all the noise as she leads with her heart and creates an environment of pure love.