Sound Healing

This unique session will be conducted by "Volute" (Sara Galassini, Eileen Moran and Chris Cherney) a trio that uses sound to link organizing principles of the universe with our desire to connect to them. The word "volute" has two meanings: spiral (like a seashell or galaxy) and also, in Italian, to willwish, or want. We invite you to enter the spiral.


Sara Galassini is an Italian artist based in New York for nearly twenty years. Her long artistic experience and the many benefits she has received by studying and practicing dance, theater and music led her to want to undertake a personal journey in the healing arts and sound therapy. She graduated from the Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute in New York in 2016. Ever since she has been helping cancer patients, people with Alzheimer's disease, those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, and people who want to restore and nurture a state of harmony and happiness.

Eileen Moran is the founder of Architects Of Experience, a retreat and event production company, and Director of Programs at 
You Can Thrive!, an organization dedicated to bringing affordable holistic wellness services to breast cancer patients. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Eileen found solace in therapeutic sound and has traveled the globe immersing herself in holistic therapies. She is a graduate of the Sound & Music Institute at the New York Open Center where last year she
co-created a monthly Practicum Lab for all SMI alumni and is a Program Coordinator for the current class. Her specialty is creating conscious community by curating immersive programming with therapeutic sound, botanical medicine, meditation, yoga, integrative therapies and movement.

Christopher Cherney is an award winning composer and educator.  He has worked with some of the greats of American music including The Duke Ellington Orchestra, The Drifters, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry.  When his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease he divorced himself from “the music business”.  Since he has studied the use of sound and music as healing modalities, graduating from the New York Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute in 2018.  He does sound treatments for cancer patients at many venues.  In his words, “ I am returning to the original purposes of music: to calm the mind and access the divine’.  He has been teaching for 47 years.